District 40 Republicans Issues

The Challenge

There are a lot of issues facing New Jersey but they all boil down to one thing. Change.

There is hardly one aspect of state government that doesn’t need to be changed or fixed — or completely overhauled.

Let’s face it, Trenton is broken. It doesn’t work anymore — not for people who are struggling to pay their mortgage, finance college tuition or save for retirement. Despite spending $35 billion dollars a year, our state government is failing at nearly everything.

  • Property taxes are crushing middle class families and forcing senior citizens to make the devastating decision to leave their homes, family and friends to move to more affordable states.
  • Property taxes are also making it hard for young people, Millennials, to afford their first home; as a consequence New Jersey is losing many of its brightest young, talented people.
  • Businesses are fleeing New Jersey, which has one of the worst business climates in the nation. There is too much regulation, too many layers of government and too many rules to follow in New Jersey.
  • Our state’s infrastructure is a national disgrace; our roads and bridges are falling apart — many have been deemed unsafe by civil engineers.
  • Our state employee pension system is a $70 billion dollar ticking time bomb that threatens to bankrupt the state. In fact, Moody’s Investor service recently downgraded New Jersey’s credit rating AGAIN largely because of the state’s pension problems that were created 20 years ago.

There is only one way to fix Trenton and that’s to send people to the statehouse that will make the changes you want and this state desperately needs. We can’t fix Trenton by sending the same people to the legislature who are responsible for the problems we have today.

We need new legislators with new ideas and no special interests to protect. We will do the job that needs to be done in Trenton because like you, we pay taxes and run businesses and raise families.

We owe nothing to anyone except the people who vote for us.

Put us to the test. See for yourselves where we stand on the issues. If you agree with what we have to say, vote for us The Corrado Team in the November 7th General Election.

Where We Stand:

Property Taxes

We will work to reduce property taxes by:

  • Cutting state spending; not just slowing increases in spending
  • Fighting to create a fair school funding formula that recognizes that all school children are important and increases state education aid to suburban school districts — and making sure that added school aid MUST go directly to property tax reduction.
  • Reduce excess aid to over-funded school districts, such as Jersey City and Newark — which together receive $1 billion in school aid.
  • Creating a municipal property tax cap that does not have loopholes.
  • End the practice of increasing property taxes for homeowners who upgrade their homes.
  • Make the interest on student loans tax deductible.

Grow Jobs

We will:

  • Cut needless regulations that raise the cost of business expansion or business investment in New Jersey.
  • Cut red tape that delays projects and forces developers to appear before multiple jurisdictions to get construction and expansion approvals.
  • Reduce the state’s top corporate income tax, which is 9 % and makes New Jersey noncompetitive with its neighbors.
  • Upgrade the NJ Treasury Department to end backlogs in tax collection and make the Department more business friendly.


We Will:

  • Overhaul the pension system and make it fair to taxpayers.
  • Oppose any pension “sweeteners” that give public employees greater pension benefits than people in the private sector receive.
  • Stop giving free health benefits for life to retirees whose total retirement income exceeds $75,000 per year.

Help Our Veterans

We Will:

  • Create a special Veterans Court for our U.S. Military Veterans who encounter criminal justice problems — often as the result of combat related injuries. These courts can provide alternatives to incarceration for those who put their lives on the line for our nation.